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In the culinary marketplace there is a larger demand for a variety of food options that are healthy, delicious and offer a great value. Therefore corporate stakeholders are pressed to increase productivity, promote wellness, and retain employees with fewer resources. SDI works to bridge the divide by designing an array of food service outlets that promote interaction while reflecting the corporate culture and addressing practical business objectives.​​​​

Corporate - Aviva-Headquarters-17-990x62
Corporate - Aviva-Headquarters-USA-1-102



Apple - Cupertino, CA

AT&T - Denver, CO

AVIVA - Des Moines, IA

BMW, Inc. - Spartenburg, SC

BlueCross BlueShield - Chattanooga, TN

Chevron Oil - Denver, CO

Cisco Systems - Dallas, TX

Countrywide - Plano, TX

Dr. Pepper - Plano, TX

Fidelity Investments - Westlake, TX

GE Power Systems - Atlanta, GA

Hewlett-Packard - Atlanta, GA

IBM - Raleigh-Durham, NC

IRS - Chamblee, GA

The KFC Building - Louisville, KY

Lucent Technologies - Sandy Springs, GA

MillerCoors - Golden, CO

Motorola - Lawrenceville, GA

Nabisco Plaza III - New Jersey

Sabre - Dallas, TX

Sunrider International - Santa Monica, CA

US Census Bureau - Suitland, MD

US Treasury - Washington, DC

United Way - Atlanta, GA

WorldCom - San Antonio, TX

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